Youth Account

Youth Account

  • To help our young members develop solid financial management skills, we offer an interest bearing chequing account without any service charges for youth up to 18 years of age or 25 years if attending post-secondary education
  1. Interest paid

US Dollar Account

  • If business or pleasure requires access to US funds, we offer a convenient interest bearing chequing account for deposits and withdrawals in US currency


MAXIMIZER® (Interest Bearing Chequing Account)

  • Designed to allow chequing privileges for those who want to have their funds available and also earn interest
  • Daily interst chequing account when balance is greater than $1000
  • With balance over $50,000 a premium interest

Regular Chequing

We offer a number of chequing accounts designed to meet personal, business, or organizational needs.

  • We offer basic chequing accounts for personal or business use
  • You may want to consider a service charge package, depending upon your account activity