Executor EASE

Executor EASE

Being named as an executor is a serious commitment. It can be a new and challenging experience, often charged with emotion and complicated by your own sense of grieving. To help with this difficult time we have partnered with Concentra Trust to bring you

Executor EASE

Executor EASE is a program designed to help executors fulfill their role in administering an estate. It’s made available through Pierceland Credit Union’s partnership with Concentra Trust, the credit union’s trust company.

If you are an executor, our staff can arrange a complimentary consultation with an estate administration expert from Concentra Trust.

Concentra Trust can assist you in:

  • Locating, assembling and gathering information.
  • Understanding and gathering documentation.
  • Establishing executor authority.
  • Managing assets and liabilities
  • Preparing statements and reporting.

For more information we have these resources available free of charge:

Contact The Pierceland Credit Union for more information and additional forms.

Phone – (306)-839-2071

Contact a trust specialist today.
1.800.788.6311 #1888

The Concentra team works with estates of all sizes. We can be retained at any time during the estate settlement process. The Concentra team of trust specialists will work with you to understand your situation and design a solution to meet your estate and trust needs. We’re here to help ease the responsibility and complexity of asset and wealth transfer to the next generation.